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consistancy is an illusion

the rare odd NSFW post on this blog will never be sexual. Usually its just artistic butt. Why do greek statues get a pass damn it >:O




(If you live outside of the enabled shipping areas just DM me im happy to figure shit out shipping wise if you want to buy something I'm just still learning how etsy works ;u;)

Aye yo im gonna do a giveaway but ineed input on what the prize should be(tm)

workin on some merpeople stickers :D

Carved a stamp I got better ink coming so hopefully I can get cleaner prints = A= dumb waterbased inkpad :D



(If you live outside of the enabled shipping areas just DM me im happy to figure shit out shipping wise if you want to buy something I'm just still learning how etsy works ;u;)

I was hording this sketchbook until i could find a replacement becuase i absolutley love the paper in it and found more a few months ago :D was going through the filled pages and found this old study page I did some time in 2019

my 300th post wooo

christmas dosent feel like christmas this year.

(would anyone be intrested in adoptables from me? And if so what kind?)

An explination of adoptables below

A quick explanation of what adoptables are:

Adoptables are pre-drawn character/design/object that you purchase and then they become 'your' character/object. They can be one of a kind, or a base adoptable (this means the artist has drawn a base and then designs several characters on top of said base).

Adoptables can be anything from an outfit, to a plant, animal, a prop or a person. Purchasing the design makes it yours, some artists have a distinction between commercial and noncommercial use (IE buying a character to use on album covers, tee shirts and such) and some have rules about what you can and cannot do with the adoptable (my rules usually boil down to maybe let me see art you get commissioned of them, and make sure you credit me for the original character design).

Sometimes artist will have species they have created, and will make adoptables to sell within that species. These adoptables sometimes are listed on a masterlist to distinguish which of the designs floating out there are 'official'. (I have quite a few species i've created myself, and the additional rules with these usually are confined to being ok with them being used as BG characters in story work illustration where appropriate. I need space fillers sometimes aight? >:O)

Prices of adoptables can vary, and unfortunately the market on DA has an over saturation of /abysmally/ cheap ones. like not worth the effort of picking up a pen cheap. I'm guilty of indulging in a few of these myself, and have bought a few 'penny adopts' to then improve and use, give away or resell later. (Penny adopts are usually adoptables that are made in batches of 20 or more on predesigned free to use bases you can find on DA. Often these adoptables don't have much effort put into them and are more a quick cash/attention grab to drive more people to more expensive adopts on your DA page and usually don't exceed the equivalent of 1USD in price). Depending on the artist, some adoptables are quite expensive, and sought after, with artists even preselling 'tickets' where you blind buy a whole design, or even just buying raffle tickets for the chance of then spending more money to purchase the designs available. Other times, adoptables are set up as auctions, where sellers set a time and whoever is the highest bidder wins.

The world of adoptables is fun, but also can be weird. For anyone buying adoptables that plan to use them for commercial use, I can't stress enough that you get something in writing from the artist confirming you have permission to do this, so you don't have trouble down the line. If an artist outright refuses to give you this, /run/.

And i think that just about covers it?

bookcovers are hard >:L

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my orange koi isopods got here and I got a bonus ; u; shoutout to SmugBug for having super healthy stock and fantastic customer service

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ayeee last of my moss got here today

I know 80 isn't a lot to some people, but as someone whose managed to exist in a paradoxical corner of the internet where i've never broken 50 followers before, this is huge to me.

so thank u

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@carnadean u stop that being nice stuff how DARE u

Ayeee finished my final

if you'd like to do the interactive part (which still may have issues lemme know if you find any) you can do it HERE

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Anyone ever heard of aquatic ape hypothisis?

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Its an idea that there's some ancestor of human that more or less started to go the way of the whale, becoming aquatic rather then terestrial and then something /else/ made us stop

there was a chance we could have been mermaids ya'll evolution why

Hex Girls

Some fanart :)

made some cards for a class project :D might offer these for sale at some point idk

we getting there

still waiting on my isopods and my moss isnt lookign so hot but eh for a first terrarium s'not too shabby

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Guess who got here todayyyyy :D

iiii only got 13...and its a 12x12x12in tank. nooot gonna see my little buddies again for a hot minute. Maybe i should go ahead and buy a second culture from someone else for varried genetics white the population is still smol? o3 o