Araxian Oddities

art is an obsession
writing is a passion
consistancy is an illusion

the rare odd NSFW post on this blog will never be sexual. Usually its just artistic butt. Why do greek statues get a pass damn it >:O


Camera: Canon

T6i with a mounted ringlight

Iphone 6

Drawing Program

ClipStudioPaint EX


coldpress Bee watercolor paper sketchbooks

Moleskine sketchbooks

arches coldpress watercolor paper


- Colerase colored pencils. These are erasable and do not smudge when using under watercolor.

- mechinical pencil in .5 or lower (I tend to save these unless I plan on inking what I'm working on)

- BIC pens the cheap ones. they're really easy to control ink flow on? And they come in pURPLE

Colored Pencils:

- Polychromos: This is an oil based color pencil. You can use baby oil or rubbing alchol to blend. These pencils are meant for many light layers and color building and are not suseptable to wax blooms

- Prismacolor: This is a wax based colored pencil. Rubbing alchol is a good solovent to use. These pencils lay down opaque and pigment loaded, however are prone to wax blooms. When a wax bloom occurs, you end up with a hazy milky white film over your color. This can be removed with a bit of solovent.

Inking Pens:

- Micron pens: waterproof comes in many sizes.

- DELETER Ink (honestly i use paintbrushes with this. I'm a masochist I know)




- QOR(theeese bitches right here. So nice and pigmneted. The oranges and cyans are particularly impressive)

- Mission Gold (I use the single pigment set)

- Sakura Poster Paint (studio ghibli uses this)

- Holebine Watercolor (studio ghibli uses this)

- Daniel Smith (I only have like three tubes of this. They're nice and the primary color set works really well but they so pricy)


- Golden acrylic: honestly it was on sale it came in a nice big bottle and it works good. it's a good brand. This plus GAC 900 makes a nice fabric paint

- POSCA pens: These are great for adding details.