Araxian Oddities

art is an obsession
writing is a passion
consistancy is an illusion

the rare odd NSFW post on this blog will never be sexual. Usually its just artistic butt. Why do greek statues get a pass damn it >:O


if your mom showed your aunt some prototype stickers you made but you scrapped them and now she more or less told her youd make them for her but you don't have the file anymore because they were test stickers and I wasnt happy with them so now you have to make more clap your hands



assignment for class

had to make a drawing with lines defined as cannot touch/intersect with any other line

all the tests m doin for style are making me excited to dig into this >:D

I've been teaching my cat to communicate by pressing buttons and he did this >:O

excuse the slightly shakey camera other cat was headbutting my hand

things to come

blech i need to get a better way to take photos lol

character creation is one of my favorite part of putting a story together

a snippit of what im working on

what is rendering

i got bored

my youngest cat Luna was very into a moth sitting on the wall and this pic begged for a cropping just lookit them eyeballs

paintbrush go brrrr

tf are enviroments hurk

CW: Mentoins of drug use

fancybits -

So my cousin has Od'd at least once, and she was lucky she was with other people willing to call for help. The steryotype of drug use is a dangerous fucking thing, and that drives some people to use alone especially in America, It needlessly puts them in even MORE danger. So for all my american peeps for yourself or someone you know who might need it:

Stay safe as possible in all your endevors my dudes

National line: 1-800-484-3731
Missouri: 1-800-896-8350
Iowa - 1-800-928-5610
Alabama - 1-800-913-3670
California - 1-800-469-4470
Virginia - 1-800-892-0480
Utah - 1-800-918-4805
Massachusetts - 1-800-972-0590
Vermont - 1-800-648-3570
Florida - 1-800-640-8530

so my dad just died of pancreatic cancer (last year) I got diagnosed with sarcoidosis two years ago (just befor dad was diagnosed) making my lungs even shittier (i have 70% capacity on a good day) im struggling to get my school to give my my damn exemption after having to spend 700 fUCKING dollars on a stupid test to 'prove' ihave dyscalculea and now mom's got cancer tooooo

life please

had to do a weird comic assignment for a not an art class? Found it in a pile of papers

drew friend's lil bro he wanted to be a moff

working on a new computer background >:D

was supposed to be a new sidebar for art streams but it might be a bit too much now xD

Caught someone being super cute.