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Art Giveaway

feel like this warrents something
Art giveaway maybe?

Yeah lets go with that



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must have refrence of character you want drawn if you win

whatever you want as prize it cant be sexually explicit. I dun like doing it >:L

Fullbody flat color of chara of choice
3/4 flat color of chara of choice
portrait flat color of chara of choice

WInner picked on 6/12/20 at noon EST

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a reminder that @phant0m and @overlord-pink have yet to claim prizes

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WINNERS HAVE BEEN PICKED1st @overlord-pink2nd@timeskip3rd@phant0mWinners each have a week to respond to DMs. If you do not respond within a week you forfit your prize and it will be redrawn.if you like my art consider hopping on my Discord?

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