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art is an obsession
writing is a passion
consistancy is an illusion

the rare odd NSFW post on this blog will never be sexual. Usually its just artistic butt. Why do greek statues get a pass damn it >:O


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things to come

blech i need to get a better way to take photos lol

character creation is one of my favorite part of putting a story together

a snippit of what im working on

what is rendering

i got bored

my youngest cat Luna was very into a moth sitting on the wall and this pic begged for a cropping just lookit them eyeballs

paintbrush go brrrr

tf are enviroments hurk

so my dad just died of pancreatic cancer (last year) I got diagnosed with sarcoidosis two years ago (just befor dad was diagnosed) making my lungs even shittier (i have 70% capacity on a good day) im struggling to get my school to give my my damn exemption after having to spend 700 fUCKING dollars on a stupid test to 'prove' ihave dyscalculea and now mom's got cancer tooooo

life please

had to do a weird comic assignment for a not an art class? Found it in a pile of papers

drew friend's lil bro he wanted to be a moff

working on a new computer background >:D

was supposed to be a new sidebar for art streams but it might be a bit too much now xD

new icon maybe?

what is consistancy

latticefancy -

A boofer conspiracy?


working on some stream stuff ble

Anyone else gonna do artfight this year?

i'm team spice >:D

Art Giveaway Prize

1st place: @overlord-pink

two bugs

chillin in a dark room

right up on each other cause they hella gay