Araxian Oddities

art is an obsession
writing is a passion
consistancy is an illusion

the rare odd NSFW post on this blog will never be sexual. Usually its just artistic butt. Why do greek statues get a pass damn it >:O


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had to do a weird comic assignment for a not an art class? Found it in a pile of papers

drew friend's lil bro he wanted to be a moff

working on a new computer background >:D

was supposed to be a new sidebar for art streams but it might be a bit too much now xD

new icon maybe?

what is consistancy

latticefancy -

A boofer conspiracy?


working on some stream stuff ble

Anyone else gonna do artfight this year?

i'm team spice >:D

Art Giveaway Prize

1st place: @overlord-pink

two bugs

chillin in a dark room

right up on each other cause they hella gay

doodly do

Green satyr (Jaala) is mine other goat (Crook) belongs to

what is consistancy

tf are pORTRAITS also scales are hard >:L

latticefancy -


tf are pORTRAITS also scales are hard >:L

/gettin better at doin the thing maybe possibly yes?/

Art Giveaway

feel like this warrents something
Art giveaway maybe?

Yeah lets go with that



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must have refrence of character you want drawn if you win

whatever you want as prize it cant be sexually explicit. I dun like doing it >:L

Fullbody flat color of chara of choice
3/4 flat color of chara of choice
portrait flat color of chara of choice

WInner picked on 6/12/20 at noon EST

>:L third attempt stoopid calibration